Unexpected after wedding photo session

Past month was packed with journeys. First business trip to Spain, than my sister's hen party & wedding in Poland. But I loved it all! Even though I didn't manage to take every photo I planned :)

Wedding day was beautiful, on the country site, I was a maid of honor and had a lot to carry about, so I had only managed to take one selfie with the bride and groom! (Good there was hired wedding photographer:)

Unexpectedly the day later my sister and her husband asked me to take some after wedding photo shoot, even though they had one scheduled already. As they said they could not ever possibly skip on session with me, as they must have my photo work from this special moment in their lives. I was pleased and delighted but also not too ready for portrait shoots with my equipment. Still I could not ever say NO to this one!

We head to the parents garden and had a quick session during the sunset. I got back to London few days after and sat straight away to post processing photos (naturally:) Now you can see them yourself. Just to tell we all loved them :D If you do too give a like to this post :) Thanks & be well!

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