Sweet 16

I have finished post-processing photos from sweet 16th birthday party of beautiful inside out Himani. First of all I'd love to wish her all the best, lots of love and everyday smiles again! It was great to see how many guests arrived, and had amazing time. Been on this party, I wished to be 16 again.

As a photographer I was very happy to have such delicate, young woman as Himani to photo shoot. I was also lucky enough to have her for some time to myself, and being able to create some great portraits of her. It shows that, events may be also a good time to create some studio looks like portraits photographs. But I will leave it to you, comment and judge on this photographs below :)

Also check other family portraits and pics from this party, that I've taken that night.


Himani's portraits

Camera and equipment used: Nikon D800, 50mm Nikkor f:/1.8, Nikkor 24-300mm f:/3.5-5.6, flash light with diffuser.

Photos from the party

Place: Kent

Family's portraits