Engagement photo session in Poland

While I was on holiday in Poland, I had one session scheduled for engagement photos with a lovely couple. Photo shooting is a pleasure, so I didn't feel like working at all, but this week I have to retouch this photos so definitely lot's of work ahead of me.

First I selected pictures I like and marked them with4 to 5 star rating. In result, I have approx. 20 photos to develop.

Second step was choosing a style, that I believe works the best for this set of pictures. I processed already all of chosen photos in Lightroom so now is a part of retouching in Photoshop. Bit of a painstaking job, as I am to energetic for still sitting, but the results and happy clients (I hope:) pay back!

I will let you have a look at one of the first finished photos, and I better be off to work on the rest of them... Have a productive week all, best regards.