Mark your birthday with event photographer.

Every year we are getting older and celebrating our birthdays, however there are some milestones we cross, and begin new chapter of our lives. It's the best time to call event photographer to capture this beautiful moments, and help YOU to fully enjoy your day.

Last birthday party I had an honor to photograph was thrown for James at The Barge House, London. The great idea was few kinds of photo booth probes spread out on the tables for the guests to have a play with while front of camera. In result we had some freaky awesome shots. Why don't you try this next time on your party? Laughter guaranteed!

Event photography - portraits

Empty frame, you can find easily some in 2nd hand shops. Just dismount painting and you have a frame to play with on your photos.

Event photography - candid fun portraits

Order some face masks, mouth mats or other photo booth probs to add some fun to your party and photos. They not too pricey.

Besides fun photographs, there were some great natural, candid shots too. Have a look at the gallery below at some of the pictures taken at James's party. And the most important for me, as a photographer is that he and his wife loved the photos!

Let me know in comments if you have tried any probes on your parties, and feel free to post some crazy photos too! Have fun all - love