Piece Of Nature In The City

Past few weeks weather wasn't to keen for us. It changes every 5 minutes, and the wind blows quite strongly. It managed to brake my new flash lights umbrella, while taking some outdoor head shots couple days ago. However on Sunday weather kept quite still, and I went to the park hoping for some new shots. In result, I found preserved little piece of field with plenty of blooming wild flowers.

It reminded me of my first steps in photography, when I was taking photos of flowers, and all bugs I found outdoor. So I grabbed my gear and dived in to this wild world. Passers by were stopping to contemplate over this evidence of pure nature, or maybe were stopping and wondered what that crazy lady (I) does! 2nd option became possible, after I've been asked what have I lost?  In result I took about 50 photos., where 2 of my favorite I placed below. 

I kept my ISO as low as possible, and shutter speed as fast as possible to have a crisp sharp shots. I combined 2 Polaroid filters and played with depth of field. This filters are cheap, and quite useful if you'd like to take some macro photos without purchasing an expensive gear.

If you're lucky to get some sun today, grab your camera and go outside. Remember you don't have to look far for some awesome shoots. Beauty is around us, we just have to open our eyes. If you'd like to share with me any of your pictures, just post it on my Facebook fan page please, and I'll be more than happy to review it!


Equipment I used: Nikon D800, Nikkor 50mm 1.8, Polaroid macro filters