March for dignity and human rightS!

On the 18th of June I was delighted to be a main photographer for the march for dignity and human rights that began on Southbank, London. We were marching to stand up for women’s rights, the right to self-determination, the right to be free and the right to access high quality healthcare as well as the right to fair trial – all the rights guaranteed by the Polish Constitution. Our march motto was ‘Human Rights Women’s Rights’.

A group of regular women, who felt something needs to be done. They are not linked to any political organisations. It was their first time organising an event like that, but they put together their energy and potential, and did it.

On the march were women from different walks of life: of all ages, all career paths, beliefs, lifestyles and politics, but all united in the same belief in women. They don’t want to leave woman's fate to the politicians. They want the rights of women to be part of social debate. Not a political or ideological one. No discussion should take place without us, women!

In the mean time we met people, who fought immigrants rights. And as it seemed we all have the same direction they've joined our march. It felt pretty awesome that all kind of people can connect in the good cause. 

March wassupported by {London}: Babski Londyn, KOD UK, Razem Londyn, Polish Feminists, Zjednosczone Krolestwo Kobiet, Dziewuchy Dziewuchom, {DDLdn} Ratujmy Kobiety, Nowoczesna.

If you curious to see more documentary photos from the march => go to my Facebook fan page by clicking any of the 3 last photos below! If you are interested what Paulina Palian from Babski Londyn is up to please click first photos to connect with her fan page!