Pola, wild parakeets & fountains. London Photographer Stories.

Over a week ago couple of friends with 9 year old daughter came for a short visit to London. Gladly they stayed at our home. We spend some quality time together exploring the city, and I could get to know their gorgeous girl Pola. She is so much fun, that she helped my inner child come out :)

We were sightseeing historical buildings, museums, and everything else that statistic tourist would visit :) However there were couple of enjoyable attractions that were not listed in London Tourist Guides we had.  I can guarantee it's not only for children, as I enjoyed it as much as Pola did :)

Of course I had my camera with me, but sometimes I just rather to enjoy my time with friends than taking photos. So when we got home I have realized that most of the pictures were taken by my partner. Then I was regretting not capturing more by myself (as always!) But....

Phew! Luckily there are still few captured by me, that happily I can show you :)


Pola and wild parakeets. London stories. Lifestyle photography.

You will find wild parakeets in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens. Search for them on the trees close to Peter Pan Statue. I'm sure you will find them easily across the park. Don't forget to take with you some sunflower seeds, apples or grapes as the birds love them, and it's an easy way to get them sit down on your hands. It will buy you a lots of time to take an amazing photographs :) Good luck!




Lifestyle child portraits from London Olympic Park.

It was a sunny, warm day when we went to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Just after we passed the swimming pool we found floor fountains, and kids dabbling in water. Of course Pola and I did not wait for a minute to join this amusing activity. At first we were careful to not get too wet, however after few runs through the fountains we did not bothered anymore :) I still managed to take some shots of cheered Pola.