How to quickly set up home studio for product's photography.

How to...

Starting up product's photography at your home, you don't need much, expensive equipment. I'm pretty sure all of you have at hand, what is needed for it. Stay with me and I show you how I'm setting up my little home studio for commercial shots.

First you need a product to photograph. Grab a bottle of cream, perfume, shades, anything that is in pretty good condition, as it saves you time in post processing.

Find some material, that will do as a background. It may be a towel, bed sheet, t-shirt. Just think about the scene and then choose your fabric. You need to mind the size of it, compared to the product you shoot, as you want your background fully fill in your frame.

Setting up a home studio for product's photography is quick and easy when you use this tips.

Now we need a piece of table/maybe chair/side table. That should be easy :) And now you need to find a source of light.  It may be a large window, that gives you nice, soft light. Or use a desk lamp, torch to lit the product. Anything that produce light would be good. You don't need a special speed light or studio lights to create great photos.   

Now we need to set up a scene. Attach your background (simple sellotape or clips may do :). Have a play with the product's alignments, and lighting, and when satisfied with it, you are ready to shoot.

Get your camera on the tripod to prevent blurring photos. Now remember then lower ISO than better, as your pics would have more details, and would appear sharper.  Have a try, take multiple photos and check what camera setting work for you best.


Below is a sample shot that came out from my camera, and post processed in Lightroom, and Photoshop final effect for you to compare. I also included EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File) for you to have a look at.

NIKON D800 + Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 at settings: f/7.1,  ISO 100,  1/4 sec, 116mm

NIKON D800 + Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 at settings: f/7.1,  ISO 100,  1/4 sec, 116mm

There are few tips to remember while shooting products photographs:

Read this few more tips. They are good to remember while shooting products.



  1. Clean and polish your products, so there are no finger tip marks, stains, scratches or other. It's easy to forget this one while you in the flow of framing.
  2. Observe reflection on the product. You don't want for example your TV reflecting on the product. 
  3. Use more than 1 source of light if you have. It may help you to balance shades and highlights, highlight the background etc. If your lights having a different temperature ranges, measure white balance first taking a photo of a white piece of paper, to tell your camera what color white is. (You may need your camera's manual for it) Further reading on white balance:
  4. Make sure your depth of field is set to correct f:/ number, and all your products on the photos are fully sharp. Review your shot on your camera with close up, and if needed you can repeat it.




While setting up a studio, we've recorded some short video and created this funny tutorial for you :) I wish you all succeed at this Home Photo Studio Project. Share your pics in comments, and in case you have any questions, email me :) I would be more than happy to help.